Custom Built THz Spectroscopic Systems with High Spectral and Spatial Resolution for Room Temperature Operation
This novel system characterizes nanogram amounts of biomaterials, operates at room temperature, and uses simple preparation techniques. It features high sensitivity and specificity and has a spatial resolution below the diffraction limit. Its ability to detect weak hydrogen bonds offers unique insights into biomolecules, cells, and simple organisms [T. Globus, A. Moyer, B. Gelmont, T. Khromova, M. Lvovska, I. Sizov, and J. Ferrance "Highly Resolved Sub-Terahertz Vibrational Spectroscopy of Biological Macromolecules and Cells", Sensors Journal, IEEE, Volume PP, Issue 99, 2012].
Sub-THz sensors with imaging capability are customizable for specific applications. These highly sensitive sensors  using diodes from VDI Inc. detect a bio-targetís presence in a sample material by focusing on specific, very narrow spectral lines checked against a database of spectroscopic signatures for a target of interest,-for example, salmonella, E. coli, cancer signaling RNAs, proteins, enzymes.
Vibratess'   Customized Waveguide Housings for Near-Field  Microdetectors
Microdetectors with microcircuits and microprobes in a Vibratess designed housing optimized for use in the sub-THz region.
Devices for Enhanced Interaction of THz Radiation with Dry and Liquid Samples
Other options are possible.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs, including other frame sizes, other materials for the array structures or other array designs. 
A disposable microchip with a periodic array,
3 mm wide and 5 mm long (21 channel)
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Highly Sensitive sub-THz Spectrometer for Near-Field
Sensing sample materials in solid states (VsTS-2).
1. THz source; 2. Detector; 3. Positioning stage,
sample holder and microchip with periodic structure;
4. Objective for visualization on the screen; 5. Image
(and its reflection) of a channel in a periodic
structure; 6. Microprobe from the detector and its reflection
Data acquisition sub-system used in a VsTS-2 model is based on Lock-in-Amplifier. It is substituted in a VsTS-3 model by the USB 6281 from National Instruments. This advanced model can be used for samples in a solid or liquid states. It also includes Precise Linear Stage with an extremely accurate and reproducible manual movement (better than 10 microns) for a fast sample change.
Positioning stages; Sample holder;         Disposable microchip with periodic structure; Objective for visualization
on the screen
                 Precise Linear Stage       
Fluidic Chip Device with a manifold. Inlet and outlet channels are filled with solutions A small array of 10 channels, 1.5 mm wide and 4 mm long.
Sample holder with tubes for solutions and a microchip with distributive channels
Precise linear stage with an extremely accurate and reproducible manual movement to cut small pieces of plastic up to 25 mm length and more than 0.5 mm width